Choosing the Best Sports Bra

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

If you’re an avid runner, cyclist, HIIT workout enthusiast or all round exercise lover, sports bras are a must.

Without the right support, your breasts and back can hurt after exercise. Movement will always be there, but bouncing is not good for any bust.

You want to do the exercise to keep fit but your bust is a delicate part of your body so why not treat it properly! The need to support your boobs with a sports bra is as important as which trainers you wear to protect your feet. Forget to take your sports bra to the gym and you might as well go home.

Having sold sports bra’s for over 30 years, the Lingerie by Carol team have compiled our favourites that can be bought from the Lingerie by Carol site. These are ranges that our customers have bought over and over and we have had the best feedback about. These ranges will definitely protect your boobs no matter which exercise you do, whilst they also look great and are super comfortable so they can also be worn for everyday use when you’re wearing your comfys!

Shock Absorber

The High Impact Shock Absorber has always been a great design. From D cup to H cup. The support of this bra is super strong and holds the bust firmly for high level exercise, including running and jumping. Our main tip for buying this sports bra; always buy in a bigger back size as it comes up tight. Shock Absorber also offers this bra in both black and white to suit your sports wear style.


The Triumph Triaction Extreme Lite is a pleasure to use. The natural contouring of this comfortable sports bra suits busts from B cup to F cup. In fact, it has been tested by The University of Portsmouth Sports Department for bounce control!

This range has become a go to for customers who not only run but also do Pilates and weight training. The straps can be used in a normal design or crossed at the back to make a racer style.


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