Do Your Boobs hang low?

What is one of the most common problems women have with their bust?....... Does my bust look low?

Everyday we are fitting all shapes and sizes in the shop and what links them all together is the common factor of where their busts sits on their frame.

Many women get use to using the same bras over and over. They sometimes never notice that their bust is not being held in position. It can be for all different reasons. You might of changed size, shape or even not been well!

So here are some facts that people never know.

  1. Busts get heavier as we get older.

  2. Busts can get bigger as we get older (even someone very small can get bigger and heavier once past fortyish).

  3. Busts also get heavier when you lose weight. They might go down in size but they become more pendulous.

  4. There are so many shapes and styles of bras that give so many different looks and support. But it does not mean you can suit them all!

  5. Lifting your bust and supporting can help with your posture and neck and back pain.

So now knowing these facts you can see why it is so crucial to wear a good fitting bra. It not only has to support and lift it also has to give comfort and hold in position all day.

Your bra has a lot of work to do under your clothing. Just because you do not see it mustn’t be a reason to not want the best fit for your size and shape. The other critical factor to

your bra lifting your bust is how old and worn it is. No bra can last a life time. The only bra that lasts forever is the one that is never worn as you hate it!!

If you take the quality and support of your bras seriously then the shape of your bust line will not change as quickly as it would if you just leave it to hang.

So please lift those boobs up and walk tall with a great bra that will not let you hang low!!

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