Welcome to our first blog post!

We thought we would start with the question we’ve had the most over the years; how to know what size and shape bra you need? Over the past 35 years we’ve fitted every different kind of bust you can think of and these are my top tips. However, please remember fitting bras is an art, not a science, so please reach out to us if you have any questions.

Good bras are a blessing, so make it an investment in your lifestyle! A quality brand is worth the extra. When you think that every morning you go to your bra draw and rely on your bra to give you not only a great shape under your clothes, but to support your bust in a way that helps your posture and back. A great bra can bring joy.

You need to understand the shape of your bust and what cup can work with your bust. Someone who is a G cup cannot always wear what someone with a B cup could. There are many ranges in each size that will do different jobs. If you have a small light bust, then looking at a push up bra will give you the cleavage you might require. The same goes for a medium weight of bust might only need a side support bra or seamless. If your boobs are heavy and need control, a full cup bra will give great support. If you are doing sport, a regular bra cannot give you the control you need for running or exercise, so choose carefully for your lifestyle.

Breasts change and get heavier throughout your life, having lingerie that supports and fit helps hold your boobs in place. If your bra is digging into your side tissue or hurting through the day or causing pain to your shoulders, you really must restock on what you need. Bras can also stop working when they are totally worn out. They lose their elasticity and instead of being comfortable they start to be a problem. (Look out for my blog on how long you should keep a bra!).

Falling out of your bra is a situation for lots of women. Having a double breast under your clothes really is not a good look! This might mean you need a bigger cup but it can also be a sign that the bra is not holding your breasts in place.

A good quality bra can give your bust the shape it needs to give you confidence when dressing.

If you are looking to get an idea of your size, firstly get a friend to help measure you in inches… With a tailoring tape measure at the ready, stand straight and measure firmly under your breasts, pull in the tape measure securely but not to hurt. Once you have a measurement round it up to the nearest even number and add on 4 inches. For example, if you measure close to 30inches under the bust, add on 4 inches, and you have a back size of 34.

You cannot calculate your bra size unless you have your back measurement first.

You now need to calculate the cup size… With a bra on, measure across the center of your bust. Do not pull in and dent the bust but also do not let the tape droop.

So if you look at the tape (and for example your back comes out at 34) if the second measurement also comes out at 34 then you would only need a B cup. If the bust measurement comes out at 35 then you would need a C cup. Then so on; 36 would be the D cup and 37 would be DD etc. Each inch is another cup size.