The Best Way to Clean your Bras

Being kind to your new lingerie will help your bras stay strong and beautiful.

Bras are not meant to live forever but if you look after them they will last longer, so here's our best hack to do this.

Be kind to your bras by hand washing them.This way they will pay you back by lasting longer.

Hand washing is a good start to keeping your bras in shape whilst cleaning them. You can always wash them out whilst you’re having your bath or shower using a gentle soap and then drip drying. If you have a good washing machine then the hand wash cycle can be just as effective. Try to protect the bra by putting it into a wash bag or even a pillow case knotted at the top. This way it will gently wash without doing any damage. This type of short wash is enough to freshen up your bra’s.

Putting your bras into a long hot wash in your washing machine will damage the material & shape.

Please do not throw your bras into a long, hot wash. It will destroy the quality and shape!

Another NO NO is to use a drying machine. It can really wreck the whole bra to a point of it becoming unwearable.

And finally, please try not to wear your bras for weeks on end without giving them a break and a treat of a wash, they are your best friends and need to be cleaned regularly if they are consistently used, just like all other items of clothing.


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